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NCT Pretest Finglas
Pre Test: An NCT pre-test appointment is key to your car having the best chance of passing. Any potential problems will be discussed and we are pleased to provide competitive quotes for any work involved. Liaising with our customers to achieve NCT passes is something that we take great pride in and our proven track record guarantees satisfaction.

Post Test Appointments
We provide quotes on any NCT failures. This means that our clients can take practical, sensible and economical actions in relation to car repair and service prior to a retest. A retest can be then taken with confidence
Preparing for your NCT Test:
Check your engine oil and water level is adequate.
Empty the boot and clear all unnecessary belongings out of the vehicle.
Tyres must be in good condition and inflated to the correct pressure. Don’t forget the spare tyre (which must be left loose in the boot) as this will be inspected too.
Ensure engine is in a fit state to be tested.
Wheel hubcaps must be removed so that the wheel can be fully inspected.
Ensure your vehicle is clean inside and out, especially the under body of the car as the mechanic needs to inspect this carefully and they must be able to see clearly.
All seatbelts and clips must be fully visible and in working order. It is necessary to remove baby seats before the inspection.